A New Film by Tom Babbitt:

a SEQUEL to "The Something."

STILLS from "The Something Else"

Since the moderate success of my first film about Mylo, "The Something" (Winner: 2016 AI-AP Motion Arts Awards; Winner, Visionary Award, Crystal Ship Film Fest; Winner, Audience Award, Leeds Young Film Fest; etc.) of my mother Natalie Babbitt's children's book of the same name - I've been animating non-stop like a crazy person.


Following "The Something," I attempted an ambitious, if ill-fated, re-imagining of father Samuel F. Babbitt's wonderful book, "The 49th Magician." It was this book that launched my mother's storied career, as she needed something, anything, to illustrate - not yet knowing she could write.) This project had some wonderful moments in it, and featured an original, integrated score that ran the entire length of the film - but was ultimately over-wrought, confusing and chaotic. Some of this had to do with the process of managing the many thousands of digital drawings, the planning needed, workflow, back-up systems... and simply how one concepts, and then constructs individual scenes. I was buried, and so lost the forest for the trees. Learning by over-reaching.

Next came Instagram, with their "under 0:60" rule, forcing a leaner and meaner approach. I feverishly posted about 200 short-form animations over the next year or so - at one point, challenging myself to do one every single day. Work is the key - I just got better at it.

Now, the "sequel" to The Something has been created - in half the time (and at twice the length) of the first one, and with much more attention to detail, continuity, more dynamic "camera" angles, motion and - silliness. Getting better at it is rewarding, if very hard work - and honestly, always shows how much more there is to learn. The more one does, the more one can see what is not known - and this is just the way of any artist.

To the right, I'm showing some original drawings, first sketches for an actual, ink-on-paper book. After animating, it was amazing to me how much easier (duh) only having to do a single picture for each page- a total of maybe 10-12 drawings... As opposed to the maybe 500 - 1000 drawings needed for 10 minutes of animation. See Backstory for the - back story - of the book version that preceded the movie.

I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. There are, I promise, many more to come - as Mylo, the lovable little monster boy, throws himself head-long into the deeper questions of life.   - TB

Original sketches (pre-film) for the book version

watch the trailer

"Sometimes, not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck."

Yes - the Dalai Lama did say that. What could it mean, you ask? I certainly do not orient that way,

as a rule, do you? All I worry about, almost, is getting what I want.